I can’t Find my Package, What Should I do?

FedEx can sometimes prematurely mark a package as delivered, before it even arrives. First, we ask that you give it a few hours to see if the package delivers later. If it did not arrive (or it’s been more than a few hours) please take the following steps:

1. Check with your neighbors, sometimes FedEx may deliver to the wrong address, or sometimes neighbors are nice enough to bring in packages for you so they don’t get stolen.

2. Check all around your home. FedEx drivers want to ensure the safety of your packages so they may hid them. Check around the side of your house or garage.

3.I f you live in an apartment complex or neighborhood with a mailroom, lobby, front desk, or leasing office check there. For larger items, sometimes there are restrictions as to where FedEx can leave a package.

If you still can’t find your package, please reach out to support@leesa.com so one of our agents can assist!