How do you set up the Legend?

We recommend moving the box into the room where you will set up. Then, follow these steps:


  1. Unbox your Legend on its side, next to the foundation or floor. Avoid using a sharp object to open the box as you run the risk of unintentionally slicing your mattress.


Unboxing by yourself? Try placing your foot on one of the box flaps to hold it in place while you pull the bedroll out.


  1. Position your rolled up Legend on your foundation and remove the outer layer of plastic wrap.


You'll notice that your Legend has already started to expand at this point.


  1. Unwrap and unfold the mattress and tear away the inner plastic. If you tear the inner plastic at the top of the bed, you can pull it straight down and off like a sock.


  1. Watch your Legend expand and take shape.


Note: It may take up to an hour for your Legend to fully expand and a few days to fully firm up. Any slight odor will dissipate shortly after setup.