What's inside the Leesa Mattress?

The Leesa mattress has three layers of foam.

Cooling: The 2" top layer of Avena® foam is designed to allow constant air flow throughout the night for a cooler night's sleep. A true breakthrough in comfort technology, Avena® foam provides better support than memory foam alone, sleeps cool, is inherently fire retardant, and is hypo-allergenic.

Indentation Force Deflection 20

3.65 pcf

The 2" memory foam center provides that signature cloud-like feel to hug you sleep. Strategically positioned below the cooling layer, the memory foam is free to live up to its reputation of blissful comfort without the risk of over-heating the sleeper.

Indentation Force Deflection 9
Density 3 pcf

Core Support:
The 6” foam base allows for a solid, supportive base that helps the mattress maintain long-lasting stability both as you sleep and when you sit on the edge of the bed.

Indentation Force Deflection 32
Density 1.8 pcf

The Leesa mattress is wrapped in our iconic four-stripe cover that features fire retardant properties and fully encased in a fire retardant sock made up of a proprietary blend of fibers, each chosen for its balance of comfort and flammability performance. Our proprietary fire barrier is an inherently fire retardant fabric, so it does not need or have additional chemical treatments. The barrier works by interrupting the combustion process in the event of a fire to meet the requirements of 16 CFR Part 1633. The fire sock functions to smother and dampen flames by causing a layer of char to form, thus preventing oxygen from feeding the fire and subsequently preventing the flames from reaching the foam and spreading.

The Leesa mattress is constructed in the U.S.A. using CertiPUR-US® approved foams.

Avena® foam is a registered trademark of Carpenter Co.