What foundation works best?

What foundation works best?

Choosing the right base that supports a mattress can affect the way it feels and performs. Our mattresses are designed to deliver their signature feel sitting on a firm, flat, and sturdy surface.

We've designed easy-to-assemble bases guaranteed to support your new mattress: The Foundation and the Platform Bed work well with any Leesa mattress!

If our bases aren't an option, here are some other great options to use with our mattresses:

Option 1: A solid base

There are 3 ways to get a solid base: a solid platform, a solid box foundation (no coils or wires) or a Bunkie board on top of a traditional box spring.

Option 2: A slatted base

Slats in a modern style traditional bed should be completely flat and have no give. For the optimum feel, slats should be 2–3 inches wide and no more than 3 inches apart.